No matter the size of your company, where you operate, or the industry you’re in, finding a reliable legal expert is crucial for achieving your business goals. Those who strive to play fair and win fair, know the importance of having a trustworthy legal provider.

An experienced and competent provider of legal services will take care of your business comprehensively, allowing it to grow effortlessly.

We provide legal advisory services, including:

establishment and structuring of business entities

rules of governance and management of business entities

advisory services to legal departments

advisory services to members of the board of directors, management, and shareholders

support in compliance with legal regulations and fulfilling legal obligations

advisory services in restructuring and reorganization of business entities

In our extensive portfolio, we have successfully completed:

acquisitions of assets (asset deals)

acquisitions of equity interests in companies (share deals)

mergers and acquisitions of companies

joint ventures and contractual collaborations

business separations (spin-offs) and divisions

capital investments in the form of debt and equity

changes in legal forms

We handle:

debt financing in the form of mezzanine debt financing

debt financing in the form of convertible instruments

various forms of equity and quasi-equity financing

bonds and other investment instruments

establishment of funds and capital market entities

bank financing on the debtor’s side

regulation in the field of capital markets

We provide legal advisory services, including:

legal support in permitting procedures

legal audits in the field of real estate (including land-use planning regulations)

preparation of project structures

advisory services in contractual project matters

advisory services in acquisition financing

support in realizing project yields (exit)

advisory services in lease agreements and property rights related to real estate

We assist in:

securing the necessary capital for their development

registering the results of their creative intellectual activities

handling complex contractual matters

advocating for and protecting intellectual property

creating joint ventures and fostering innovation sharing

We handle:

providing support for the daily agenda of human resources departments

assisting in structuring intra-company relationships in business entities

focusing on the protection of assets created within employment relationships

creating motivational schemes for employees and other individuals involved in the business

of a company (ESOP/PSOP)

data protection and workplace monitoring

termination of employment relationships

handling judicial disputes and administrative proceedings